This time of the year brings Great lakes Steelhead up the Michigan rivers to spawn. Guide Fishing for them provides some heart pounding action. Spring also brings more bugs so dry flies can be very productive.This is also an excellent time to Fly fish sink tip lines and strip streamers for Michigan Brown Trout Fishing!

As June nears the Michigan summer Steelhead  (Skamania) enter Michigan rivers. What a ride this fish will give you, with 6 foot leaps out of the water. Will put a grin on anyone's face. We continue to guide Trout fishing Michigan rivers  throughout the summer, and as the water warms up so does the Michigan Small mouth Bass fishing. Pound for pound an exciting battle and lots of action.

Late summer will start  Michigan Salmon fishing,  as early as August these early Michigan Salmon are very aggressive and hard   chargers. The Michigan Salmon run continues through late fall and provides for exciting Guide fishing on Michigan rivers. About November the Great lake Steelhead return to Michigan's rivers, these Michigan fall Steelhead are aggressive and most remain in the Michigan rivers throughout  the winter, providing us with  Michigan winter Steelhead fishing opportunity.

Thats right Michigan Steelhead and Michigan trout fishing all winter.Fishing with indes, Chuck and duck or float down river in a heated boat plugging!!

Or schedule an ICE fishing trip! We target; Bluegills, Crappie, Perch, walleye, pike/Muskie and even Channel Catfish! Whether you like to jig or spear for your monster trophy, we are experienced and have confidence in all we offer! Transportation on ice is available as well as heated shanties and electronics. Guide is currently sponsored by Vicious Fishing!

All are welcome, beginners to experienced.